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Sambonet serveware classics with quality Italian design - Sambonet comes forth with a wide variety of serveware that fulfills both informal and formal dining needs. Give your dining table what it deserves with one of Sambonet’s serveware sets. From serving dishes to trays & stands, each item conveys Sambonet’s commitment to quality products and an excellence that is entirely Italian-made.The dinner serveware comes in a multitude of different styles and materials. Sambonet offers everything, from stainless steel serveware like the Malia Stainless Steel Showplate to serveware sets made of glass or porcelain like the Living Oval frosted glass dish set to silver serveware. There is something to meet a wide range of needs, from casual at home dinner parties to restaurant dining rooms in luxury hotels worldwide.

Functionality and good taste

A Perfect Table

Tools and accessories conceived to amaze guests and create unique moments. Sambonet proposes the elements to boost creativity and styling at the table.

Living Collection
Everyday Serving Items

Impeccable service thanks to the accessories for collecting and arranging food: pliers, tongs, cake servers, panettone knives, ladles, serving forks and spoons. Each plate will be filled with care and naturalness thanks to the Sambonet stainless steel and silverplated serving cutlery.

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It’s all in the presentation: striking serveware

It’s often said that first, you eat with your eyes. Not only does this imply the first glance as you take in the color, texture, and arrangement of the food before you, but it also greatly depends on the type of serveware the food is presented in. A layer cake is a sight in itself, but it becomes all the more impressive if brought to the table on a sophisticated cake stand. For example, from the stainless steel serveware sets, Sambonet offers the Elite Stainless Steel Cake Stand. It is a classic piece that will give an even greater presence to the three-tiered German chocolate cake you have just finished frosting. Another classic serveware set that is bound to enhance the visual appeal of what you have just pulled from the oven is the porcelain serving dish set. Take the Living Antioxidant Alloy Fish Tray, for example. The fish can be baked in the porcelain dish and then brought directly from oven to table.

Serveware essentials: cruet sets

Another fundamental element of dinner serveware is a good cruet set. It’s necessary to store the most essential and basic condiments in a presentable way. Cruet sets are usually composed of four pieces:

  • Salt shaker
  • Pepper shaker
  • Olive oil cruet
  • Vinegar cruet

Sambonet lets you choose from a grand variety of designs to ensure that you find the perfect set for your dinner table. If you prefer something more traditional, why not go for the Linea Q Stainless Steel Cruet Set with its glass container and stainless steel top, seated in a sleek, curved stainless steel base which takes on a modern twist. For a retro feel, the Sky Stainless Steel Lunch Set is a fascinating piece that is bound to be noticed. Alongside the four essentials, it’s never a bad idea to have a classic grated cheese pot on hand. Try the Linear Stainless Steel Cheese Pot with crystal - an elegant way to present roughly grated parmesan cheese. From the classic serveware set items to pieces that fit more specific needs, browse through our serveware listing and discover everything from table mats and silver serveware trays & stands to more particular items like our Contour Stainless Steel Caviar Set or Relish Dish of the same design.

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