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Table knives

Table knives

Enhance your dining experience with our premium selection of table knives at Sambonet. Whether you prefer the table knives, steak knives or dessert knives, we offer exceptional designs crafted for both everyday use and special occasions. Explore our collection to find the perfect knife that combines style, functionality, and quality.

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Stainless Steel, Maple Wood Mirror Maple + 1 Color 24,2 cm

$ 70.00

Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 24,2 cm

$ 70.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 2 Colors 25,6 cm

$ 36.00

Stainless Steel Mirror PVD Gold + 2 Colors 25,6 cm

$ 54.00

Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 2 Colors 25,6 cm

$ 56.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 1 Color 23,9 cm

$ 62.00

Stainless Steel Antique PVD Black + 4 Colors 23,6 cm

$ 48.00

Stainless Steel Mirror PVD Black + 7 Colors 23,6 cm

$ 38.00

Stainless Steel Vintage PVD Copper + 7 Colors 23,6 cm

$ 38.00

Stainless Steel Diamond White Gold + 3 Colors 25,5 cm

$ 48.00

Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 1 Color 25,6 cm

$ 66.00

Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 25,3 cm

$ 75.00

Stainless Steel, Maple Wood Mirror Dark Wood + 1 Color 25,3 cm

$ 75.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 25,6 cm

$ 56.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 25,6 cm

$ 56.00

Stainless Steel Mirror PVD Gold + 7 Colors 23,6 cm

$ 38.00

Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 1 Color 23,8 cm

$ 40.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 1 Color 24,8 cm

$ 14.40

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 15,8 cm

$ 16.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 14,0 cm

$ 50.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 24,0 cm

$ 30.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel

$ 125.00

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 25,7 cm

$ 30.00

Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 1 Color 24,6 cm

$ 66.00
The list of existing knives would be very long, because there are so many shapes and for different purposes. Sambonet offers both the most commonly used ones and the most sought-after shapes for special dishes.

High quality table knives for over a century

No flatware set is complete without a sturdy knife. From dinner knives to a good fish knife or solid butter knife, Sambonet brings class, quality and beauty to the table. While a formal place setting includes both the dinner knife and fish knife, it is important to have good butter and cheese knives as a part of your collection for impressive at home dinner parties or events done with the utmost style. As opposed to steak knives, dinner knives tend to have a dull, unsharpened end, a characteristic that came about in the 1630s when Cardinal Richelieu tried to impress upon his dinner guests a certain etiquette by eliminating sharp knife tips which were acting as toothpicks. In the same century, sharp-ended knives were prohibited both on the street and noble dining tables in an effort to cut back on unfortunate violent accidents which were a little too commonplace. And voilà, there you have it, the birth of the modern day table knife. For over a century, Sambonet has been dedicated to the production of flatware sets, each knife made with artisan care, high quality materials and superior production techniques.

Different knives performing a unique task

With a good amount knives to choose from, it’s helpful to know what purpose each one serves. The particular characteristics of each knife makes all the difference when cutting a chicken breast or a sea bass. Here’s a list of Sambonet’s various knives that are part of the numerous flatware sets:

  • Table knife
  • Steak knife
  • Dessert knife
  • Fish knife
  • Butter spreader
  • Butter knife
  • Cheese knife

Knives come in different finishings. For an elegant and shinier exterior that reflects more light, silverplating is the way to go. On the other hand, a stainless steel knife is extremely durable and with proper care, can last in good condition for more than a century. These finishing options hold true for all Sambonet spoons, knives and forks.

Why so many knives?

As with all spoons and forks, there are a plethora of knives that are specifically created to perform a specific function. The most common and basic of all these knives is the dinner knife, often called the table knife. It is the longest knife found in a formal table setting and is used for the main dish, unless of course a slab of meat is being served which then calls for a good steak knife. The steak knife usually doesn’t come as part of a flatware set, but is a sharp must-have in your kitchen. The dessert knife is offered in two versions based on the set and design that you choose. One knife has a more rounded end, while the other is more pointed. Why? The roundness of the tip is helpful for cutting through softer desserts, while the pointed knife is better for something hard. A fish knife has a wider blade and often has a tip with a notch in it. This is to help remove the bones from the fish and onto the plate. Sambonet offers two types of butter knives. One is smaller with a more rounded tip and is used for spreading butter evenly onto bread, while a butter knife has a more pointy edge and is used to cut and move butter from the butter to the bread dish. The last knife is the cheese knife, characterized by its upward movement and forked tip. These particular knives are specialized in cutting soft cheese. And there you have it! Every knife has its own importance and Sambonet is proud to offer a multitude of different high quality designs and sets, something to fit every taste.

Understanding the Difference Between Monobloc and Orfèvre Hollow Handle Knives

Choosing the right table knife is essential for enhancing your dining experience. At Sambonet, we offer a variety of high-quality knives designed to meet your specific needs. The two primary types of knives available are monobloc knives and hollow handle knives. Understanding the differences between these can help you make an informed decision.

Monobloc Knives: Robust and Uniform Design

Monobloc knives, also known as one-piece knives, are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel. This construction makes them exceptionally sturdy and durable, perfect for everyday use. Their uniform design ensures a consistent aesthetic, with the handle seamlessly blending into the blade. Monobloc knives are typically heavier, providing a solid feel in the hand, which many users find reassuring and easy to control during cutting.

Hollow Handle Knives: Elegant and Balanced

In contrast, hollow handle knives, or Orfèvre hollow-handle knives, feature a unique construction where the blade and handle are two separate pieces. The blade is meticulously attached to the hollow handle, often filled with a special cement for added stability. This design not only creates a visually appealing contrast between the handle and the blade but also significantly reduces the knife's weight. The lighter handle allows for better balance and reduces hand fatigue, making hollow handle knives ideal for extended use during formal dinners or special occasions.

Choosing the Right Knife for Your Table

When deciding between monobloc and hollow handle knives, consider your primary usage. For daily meals and robust tasks, monobloc knives offer durability and a solid feel. For elegant dining experiences and ease of use, hollow handle knives provide a sophisticated look and enhanced balance. Both types of knives are crafted with Sambonet's renowned attention to detail and quality, ensuring a luxurious dining experience.

Explore our collection of table knives to find the perfect addition to your flatware set. Whether you prefer the strength of monobloc or the elegance of hollow handle, Sambonet has the ideal knife to elevate your dining moments.

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