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Flat Tea spoon

$ 18.00
Shipped in 1-3 working days

Flat Tea spoon

$ 18.00
Shipped in 1-3 working days

Sambonet Flat PVD Black: timeless and sophisticated style tinted with new and alluring colours

  • 13,9 cm long teaspoon, the little bowl makes it perfect for tea and other beverages. Dishwasher safe
  • 18/10 stainless steel, PVD Black finishing, optimizing resistance and preventing from rust/ oxides
  • In line with the new aesthetic trends, where colours and brightness break the monotony of daily life

PVD, which stands for Physical Vapour Deposition, gives the objects exceptional colours and shades. It consists of the deposition of metallic particles through vaporization in a vacuum chamber. The coating is welded on an atomic level to the stainless steel, giving the material greater hardness and resistance to rubbing and corrosion, thereby preventing the formation of rust or oxides. Thanks to the use of non-toxic materials such as titanium and zirconium, PVD is also used in the biomedical field as scalpels or surgical blades.

Flat collection expresses the perfect match between great personality and minimal style. Timeless cutlery, guaranteed by the Sambonet quality and tradition.

  • Brand: Sambonet
  • Collection: Flat
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Look: Mirror PVD Black
  • Item number: 62712B36
  • UPC: 790955024274
  • Year of introduction: 2017
  • End of life date:
  • Number of items in set: 1
  • Set composed by the following products:
  • Gastronorm dimension: null
  • Maximum payload: null

  • Diameter: null
  • Length: 5 1/2 inch
  • Width: null
  • Height: null
  • Capacity: null
  • Weight of article: 0.07 lbs
  • Internal diameter: null
  • Internal length: null
  • Internal width: null
  • Internal height: null
  • Blade length: null
  • Thickness: null
  • Special size info: null
  • Package length: null
  • Package width: null
  • Package height: null
  • Weight of packaging: null
  • Package weight: 0.79 lbs
  • Volume of packaging: null

PRECAUTIONS: Handle silverware and PVD items as indicated for stainless steel items. Never use any type of scraper or steel wool, which would permanently damage the silver and PVD surfaces. Silver can sulphurate due to exposition to air, becoming dark in a more or less uniform way. This can happen also as a consequence of the contact with some foods. It is a natural process which does not damage the silver deposit but alters its look. The silver coat must be polished in order to restore the original state with good silver polishing products. Please make sure these products have to be diluted in warm water only.

Dishwasher Suitable, max 55°
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