High quality spoons with style

Whether you are stirring sugar into your coffee or enjoying a warm bowl of homemade soup, Sambonet brings you the highest quality and most versatile array of spoons, differing not only in shape and function, but in style. From soup spoons and serving spoons to coffee spoons and ice cream spoons, Sambonet brings the finest materials, high quality craftsmanship and excellent design to the table. All pieces are silver-plated or stainless steel, making them hard and resistant to corrosion. Each spoon has a bright polish, vintage or matte finish and is inspected and tested individually before packaging.

Each spoon serves a specific purpose

Which spoon is which? With a vast array to choose from, each spoon is specifically made to fit a certain need. With Sambonet’s extensive offering, you can discover the most practical and luxurious way to enjoy an after dinner espresso or stir an iced tea.

The coffee spoons are small and to be used for a demitasse cup, ideal for Italian espresso. The bouillon spoon is a round-bowled spoon, which renders it perfect for light soups. Moving along, we come to the tea spoons, which are not only for stirring honey, sugar or milk into your tea, but also very convenient for casual dining when soup and particular solid foods are being served. On sweltering summer afternoons, the iced tea spoon finds its fit alongside a tall, cool glass of sweet tea. The dessert spoon is essential for mousses, tiramisu, numerous pies and cakes and puddings, just to name a few. One of the more specific spoons is the French sauce spoon, which is a flatter version of the dessert spoon with a little notch on one side. This spoon can be used to eat the sauce that accompanies a dish. Sambonet’s ice cream spoons come as a set of six with an ice cream scooper, all made of stainless steel. These spoons are best for savoring creamy Italian gelato. Here’s a list of Sambonet’s various place setting spoons:

  1. Coffee spoon
  2. Bouillon spoon
  3. Tea spoon
  4. Iced tea spoon
  5. Dessert spoon
  6. French sauce spoon
  7. Ice cream spoon set

Italian design when serving and sipping

Made entirely in Italy and of the highest quality materials, Sambonet’s beautifully crafted flatware sets emanate elegance and functionality. Designed and developed to suit the tastes and needs of each of our customers, every set has its own unique style. Some reflect tradition with their nostalgic handle design. Others are sleek and bold, contemporary works of art inspired by top designers. All knives, forks and spoons are thoughtfully created, drawing from decades of experience and silversmith traditions. From traditional sets like the Queen Anne silver-plated spoon to the Linea Q Black stainless steel spoon, there is something perfect to go with every lifestyle. Each spoon has a comfortable hold and balanced weight, whether it be the stainless steel ladles and serving spoons or the dessert and bouillon spoons. Sambonet is proud to present Italian excellence for the most memorable of dinner parties.