High quality forks exuding italian elegance

A special fork for each particular dish is important when throwing a multiple course dinner party, catering a memorable event or providing for hotel guests. Sambonet has an extensive collection of forks for all occasions made with the finest materials in the Italian silversmith tradition of first-rate craftsmanship and care. With numerous silverplated and stainless steel forks and a vast number of unique finishings and color options, there is a collection that will fit with every lifestyle and enhance the mood of your dining hall or intimate table setting. All forks are perfectly paired with each spoon and knife of the various collections, rendering a classic and finely put together place setting. Highest quality and exceptional Italian design, Sambonet is proud to offer some of the best forks in today’s market.

Sambonet’s offering of forks

A flatware set usually is made up of five forks, each one thoroughly studied and made to handle different types of food. Sambonet offers these five different forks in an array of designs and finishings, from classic to modern, silver to gold, and even black. The different sizes and fork shapes are to accommodate everything from salad to a roast.

  • Table fork
  • Dessert fork
  • Fish fork
  • Cake fork
  • Oyster/cake cutting fork

Forks serving a specific purpose

The table fork, also often called the dinner fork, comes in a few different sizes, all around eight inches. It is the largest of the forks and is placed to the left of the plate. The dinner fork is ideal for enjoying the main course at both formal events and at-home dining. With a sturdy handle, like all of the spoons, forks and knives, it is hard and very resistant to corrosion when properly cared for. The dessert fork can also be used as the salad fork. It is smaller than the dinner fork and can be used both to more easily manage a crisp piece of lettuce or when enjoying a strawberry tart with pastry cream. These forks run around seven inches. When serving the salad before the entrée, the salad fork is placed to the left of the dinner fork. If after, on the inside to the right. The fish fork is also around 7 inches and has a three pronged tip to properly spear the fish and make it easier to separate the bones from the meat. Sambonet’s cake fork is the smallest fork of the group, running from 5 to 6 inches. In some circles, it is known as a pastry fork, and often allows for easy cutting without the use of a knife. On some of the models, the left tine of the fork has a notch to aid in the cutting of a cake or pastry, handy when dessert is served when everyone has left the table and is on their feet. To finish the set, the oyster/cake cutting fork is a special flat fork that comes to be around 6 inches. It can be used both to enjoy oysters as well as to eat a special after dinner dessert.