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In 1856, after earning a Fine Arts diploma, Giuseppe Sambonet, son of a nobleman from Vercelli, got a Master Goldsmith licence and established the company Giuseppe Sambonet, registering the seal bearing the initials “GS” with the mint in Turin. By the early 20th century his company was the Official Supplier to many noble families, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. In 1932 Sambonet was the first company in Italy to build an industrial manufacturing plant for both sterling silver and galvanic silverware. In 1938 it developed an innovative process for the production of stainless steel flatware and a silverplated steel manufacturing technique. In 1947 it started manufacturing stainless steel knives and blades by using its own technology. In 1956 Sambonet conquered the international market as it was chosen from 53 competitors to supply the Hilton Hotel in Cairo with a hollowware line that is in its collection still today.

Sambonet today

Today Sambonet is represented in some of the best hotels & restaurants all over the world. Customers can find Sambonet flatware and hollow ware in the leading department stores all over the US and Europe. As part of the Rosenthal family Sambonet combines Italian design with the German sense for precision and quality - Sambonet flatware is the perfect match for Rosenthal's dinnerware.