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Gift ideas and accessories for children

When a baby is born into a family, there is a deep sense of joy. In this guide we offer some gift ideas for small children (from birth to 3 years old and more) that you might find useful when you have no idea what to give the most cuddly one in the family.

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For the little ones

Because you can learn to grow at the table too! The Gio Ponti Conca Kids collection stimulates the pleasure of experimenting with new flavours through a uniquely shaped and original flatware.
Discover Gio Ponti Kids
Children's flatware set

Gio Ponti Design

The Milanese Architect's original project brings together - in a single flatware set for children - symmetry, functionality and elegance. Gio Ponti was a designer, an essayist and the founder of the prestigious "Domus" magazine. He was one of the most representative masters of the Italian architecture for the 20th century. All the projects about tableware are led by the principles of his theory by which human habits shape everyday objects.

Other nice ideas?

Sambonet Kids collection offers a vaste range of items such as table sets (dishes, flatware and mug) in stainless steel and bone china, picture frames, pacifier holders, photo albums, music boxes, tooth keepsake boxes, spoons, forks, knives and 4 pcs flatware sets. A series of plates and accessories in different patterns to accompany the most important moments in every child's daily life.

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