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Steak knives

Steak knives

The steak knife set is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Always sharp blade, ergonomic design and a firm and secure grip. Enjoy meat at its best, flawlessly and in style.

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Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Ivory 9 1/2 inch


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 10 inch


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 10 inch


Stainless Steel, Maple Wood Mirror Maple + 1 Color 9 1/2 inch


Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 9 1/2 inch


Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 10 inch


Stainless Steel, Maple Wood Mirror Dark Wood + 1 Color 10 inch


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 9 1/2 inch


Selecting the best steak knives for your kitchen

If you’re serving a succulent steak at your dinner table, it’s only fitting to have the right cutlery to properly enjoy it. This is when a top performance and aesthetically pleasing steak knife of the highest quality comes into play. Looking at any steak knives review, it’s clear that finding the right set can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s often tricky to narrow down your search. Not only is it important to find a steak knife that works through that tender cut of meat on your plate with ease and precision, but to select one that pairs nicely with your flatware set. When looking for sharp steak knives combining high quality, original design and top-notch performance, Sambonet has a wide range to choose from and is proud to present some of the best steak knives in the market today.

What makes a good steak knife?

To be serrated or not to be serrated? This is indeed a good question. What is the difference between the two? Which is preferable? It all depends on the function and aesthetic you are looking for.

  • Serrated edges, like the Knives Black Steak Knife or the serrated version of the T-Bone Steak Knife, makes cutting through crusts (roasts in particular) much easier. The jagged blade does tend to tear the meat fibers more than a non-serrated edge would, but serrated blades stay sharper longer.
  • Non-serrated edges, for example the non-serrated T-Bone Steak Knife or the Deco Silverplated Steak Knife, are ideal for gliding swiftly through the cut of meat. Their sharpness and precision are noteworthy. They can be sharpened, which is a plus since superior performance can be maintained over the course of a lifetime.

Other important characteristics to look for when choosing good steak knives to add to your flatware collection are:

  • Comfortable handles
  • Sturdy and well-balanced blades
  • Resistance
  • Ease of maintenance

Choosing a steak knife set

From everyday dining at your table to high-end restaurants, the 100% Italian made steak knives with their stainless steel blades (certain sets available in the silver-plated version) are a must have. At any quality steakhouse, the restaurant steak knives always guarantee a fine cut. Shouldn’t it be the same with your guests gathered around your table? An evening of good steak knives accompanying stylish Sambonet flatware, dinnerware and certain specialty cutlery pieces is the perfect way to create an elegant table setting that sets the stage for a memorable evening surrounded by friends.

Sambonet’s specific steak knives

Sambonet combines fine Italian quality and eye for design with modern manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship. In fact, the first thing one notices is the appealing design of the knives. Their aesthetic is surmounted only by their functionality. For a more classic steak knife, Sambonet presents the T-Bone Steak Knife (serrated and non-serrated versions available) and the Knives Steak Knife (available with black or white handles). Sambonet also offers steak knives that are part of their flatware collections. The Baguette silver-plated steak knife sits perfectly alongside the Baguette flatware set, likewise for the Bamboo stainless steel steak knife or the Gio Ponti stainless steel steak knife completing its own collection. There we have it, designer handles with the sharpest of blades...a winning combination.

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