Table Setting Examples

It happens every day.

It may happen that mom says: ”Could you please set the table? Lay out spoons too, there’s soup for dinner”. It may happen that you receive a text: “Paul and Kate are coming for dinner tonight. Set the table with our Gio Ponti flatware. Yes, the new, odd one…” It happens. It is the case when we treat ourselves with a beautiful table setting to have dinner alone after buying some Japanese take-away food. Or when in a spring morning we want to have breakfast on the terrace and we set a lovely table outdoor. It is the case also when you invite friends to play poker and the game becomes an excuse for staying together. The day for a family party or for a special buffet to listen to Ernest’s piano concert together. When it is raining outside and you rustle up a BBQ in the living room with your friends. Daily acts, our acts. A dish, flatware to the left, flatware to the right, flatware above. A custom, a tradition: our tradition. Rituals that we repeat every day in many situations. The table embodies the traditions of the objects that populate it and is enliven by the stories of the people who use them. Whether it is an iPad, Charlie’s dinosaur or a ceramic anchovy placeholder, every day we set the table for one, ten, hundred people. Out of love, tradition or memory, our table experience is intended to be remembered over time. “I will never forget that, on the birthday of us grandchildren, my grandparents set the table for breakfast with cups depicting ancient Roman warriors on a biga. Hot chocolate, biscuits and a small golden spoon for the birthday boy or girl”.tse-sergio2.jpg


Table Setting Fundamentals Examles Breakfast


1. butter plate 2. butter knife 3. water glass 4. wine glass 5. dessert knife 6. dessert fork 7. fork for first dish 8. fork for second dish 9. napkin 10. flat plate 11. knife


Table Setting Fundamentals Examles Lunch


1. bread plate 2. water glass 3. red wine glass 4. white wine glass 5. dessert wine glass 6. dessert spoon 7. dessert fork 8. napkin 9. fork for first dish 10. fork for second dish 11. plate 12. knife 13. spoon


Table Setting Fundamentals Examles Dinner


1. bread plate 2. water glass 3. red wine glass 4. white wine glass 5. dessert wine glass 6. dessert spoon 7. dessert knife 8. dessert fork 9. napkin 10. fork for first dish 11. fork for second dish 12. plate 13. knife 14. soup spoon 15. soup plate