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Penelope Bowl

Stainless Steel, Resin

Shipped in 1-3 working days

Penelope Bowl

Stainless Steel, Resin

Shipped in 1-3 working days

Mirror-effect finish enhances the high quality of stainless steel, emphasizing shapes and design. The surfaces are polished with additives and mechanical brushes made of different materials, which smooth the stainless steel lending it a high gloss. Reflections enrich the object, make it even more precious.

  • Brand: Sambonet
  • Collection: Penelope
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Resin
  • Look: Mirror Steel
  • Item number: 56575-B7
  • UPC: 790955152397
  • Year of introduction: 2020
  • End of life date:
  • Number of items in set: 1
  • Set composed by the following products:
  • Shape of item: Round
  • Gastronorm dimension: null
  • Maximum payload: null

  • Diameter: 8 inch
  • Length: null
  • Width: null
  • Height: 3 inch
  • Capacity: null
  • Weight of article: 0.00 lbs
  • Internal diameter: null
  • Internal length: null
  • Internal width: null
  • Internal height: null
  • Blade length: null
  • Thickness: null
  • Special size info: null
  • Package length: null
  • Package width: null
  • Package height: null
  • Weight of packaging: null
  • Package weight: 0.00 lbs
  • Volume of packaging: null

Iconic Award 2021
Year: 2021
Issued by: Rat für Formgebung | Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Wash by hand and dry gently to preserve the original brightness over time. Do not use steel scourers, abrasive sponges and abrasive powders.

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