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Sphera Coffee pot

$190.00 - $310.00
Stainless Steel Mirror Steel

Sphera Coffee pot

$190.00 - $310.00
Stainless Steel Mirror Steel

A contemporary concept in which functionality coexists with stylistic reminiscences of the "Space Age" of design, in the second half of the '60s. Sambonet's Sphera collection expresses soft, round and organic shapes - in continuous evolution.

  • Brand: Sambonet
  • Collection: Sphera
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Look: Mirror Steel
  • Item number: 56901-03_vg
  • UPC: null
  • Year of introduction: 2015
  • End of life date:
  • Number of items in set: 1
  • Set composed by the following products:
  • Gastronorm dimension: null
  • Number of handles: 1
  • Maximum payload: null
Lid included

  • Diameter: null
  • Length: null
  • Width: null
  • Height: null
  • Capacity: null
  • Weight of article: null
  • Internal diameter: null
  • Internal length: null
  • Internal width: null
  • Internal height: null
  • Blade length: null
  • Thickness: null
  • Special size info: null
  • Package length: null
  • Package width: null
  • Package height: null
  • Weight of packaging: null
  • Package weight: null
  • Volume of packaging: null

Red Dot Award 2011
Year: 2011
Issued by: Design Centre Nordrhein Westfalen | Essen | Germany
Good Design Award 2015
Year: 2015
Issued by: The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design | Galena | USA
Good Design Award 2011
Year: 2011
Issued by: The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design | Galena | USA

BEFORE AND AFTER EACH USE: Wash stainless steel items in hot water and neutral washing solution (detergent). Don’t use synthetic detergents containing chlorine or strong alkali cleaners. Then, dry thoroughly before storing in a dry room. Any residual of food, particularly of salt (NaCI), lemon, vinegar, tomatoes, etc. should be carefully removed to prevent corrosion. In case the items are washed in dishwashing machine, check that at the end of the washing cycle they are perferctly dry. If not, dry thoroughly by hand. Knife blades are made of martensitic stainless steel 420 and tempered, assuring long lasting cutting edges but less resistant to corrosion. Therefore, carefully wash, dry and store items, after use.

Dishwasher Safe
Food contact safe
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