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How to set the perfect Easter table

Sambonet is here to provide you with ideas and advice on how to make your Easter table unique, combining elegance, design and tradition.


How to decorate your Easter table

The centrepiece is the core of your Easter decoration. Use seasonal flowers, such as tulips or daffodils, or coloured bows or ribbons, to bring spring into your home. To make your table even more special, add items from the Elite collection: elegant trays, stands and serving accessories made of stainless steel or silver plated.

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´╗┐Guide to decorate the perfect Easter table with Sambonet

Do you have guests for Easter lunch and want to surprise them, but don't know where to start? From the table, of course! It's not enough to prepare tasty and well-presented dishes: the Easter table must also be set correctly and imaginatively. Be inspired by the colours and mood of spring and take Sambonet's infallible advice on how to decorate and set the Easter table: your guests will absolutely be delighted.

1. Selecting the ideal table dressing for Easter: from tablecloths to napkins

Start by choosing a linen or cotton tablecloth in pastel tones or spring patterns. For a more modern and minimalist touch, opt for runners and placemats in natural fabrics such as linen or raffia, which add a sense of freshness and lightness to your table, along with shabby chic or designer napkin holders. These elements serve as a background canvas for your composition, defining the dominant style and colours.

2. Curating the perfect tableware ensemble: from dinneware to glassware

The choice of plates, cutlery and glasses is crucial in defining the style of your table. Porcelain dinner with gold borders or floral motifs adds a touch of elegance. Match them with vintage finish flatware. Curating the perfect tableware ensemble: from dinneware to glassware or a silverplated set for a fancy effect. For glasses, crystal is always a winning choice, while wine glasses and water glasses in colours coordinated with the table can introduce an element of surprise, as well as wine accessories.

3. Style details and ideas: centrepieces and Easter decorations

Don't underestimate the importance of small details: egg cups for each guest and showplates made of stainless steel or natural fibers such as wood or raffia can completely transform the look of your table. Cloth napkins, perhaps tied with a ribbon or raffia thread, add a touch of care and attention for your guests. A designer centrepiece can always give grandeur to the table. Add olive branches or small decorative trees to recall the symbols of peace and rebirth. Decorated hard-boiled eggs, bunnies, chicks and other thematic decorations can be placed around the table,or used as original place cards.


How to place flatware?

Flatware should be placed on the sides of the plate, following the etiquette rules. The fork on the left of the plate, with the tines facing upwards. The knife on the right, with the blade facing inwards, followed by the spoon. Finally, the dessert flatware should be placed above the plate, horizontally.

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An warm and elegant Easter table

Minimalism is not absence, but essentiality. A perfect balance of a few carefully chosen elements that create an elegant ambience. Forget tables laden with decorations and go for details that make a difference, such as Flat flatware. Bright, silver-plated or vintage: a legacy of style that expresses good taste and tradition.

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How to make your table festive and unique

Setting the table for Easter requires attention to detail, creativity and a dash of love. Choose a colour palette that reflects the freshness and vibrancy of spring: shades of pink, light green, gold and copper are perfect, as are the iconic table items from the Madame collection.

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