A history of flatware silverplated

When the electroplating process was invented in England in the mid-1800s, silver plating techniques began to develop. Slowly but surely, silver plated flatware began to outnumber sterling silver flatware as this new technique was embraced by silversmiths and manufacturers across Europe and the United States. In 1938, Giuseppe Sambonet, founder of the company, developed his own silver-plated steel manufacturing technique in Turin. What made this technique so special? The silver’s purity together with the high quality of steel and German silver is what makes the difference. The H§P Hard Sambonet Silverplating technique guarantees product durability and ensures a highly resistant silver coating. Every single piece of Sambonet silver plate flatware is first made of stainless steel or alpaca silver and then enhanced by 999.5% pure silver. The special Sambonet silverplating technique guarantees high quality flatware sets that are worthy of the most refined restaurants, the grandest homes, and the most important high-end events.

Sambonet flatware silverplated

Sambonet offers fourteen silver plated flatware sets. Made from stainless steel and then coated, the silver plated finish is the perfect touch for an elegant dining table that can’t help but be one of the focal points of the evening. The brilliance of the silver flatware tastefully sits alongside fine china and crystal wine glasses. Every table adorned with silver flatware is embellished in an extraordinary way. Ensuring the highest quality for hotel silver flatware or for your home, Sambonet’s silver finish is more than two times harder and more durable than silver plated items made using traditional silverplating techniques. And to top it off, the individual care taken to ensure each item is made well and without defects is a unique service, provided by Sambonet, to guarantee customer satisfaction. All forks, knives and spoons are thoroughly tested and inspected before being packaged. It is important to mention that when cleaning silverplated flatware, utmost care and specific use of cleaning products is highly recommended. Warm water and mild dish detergents work just fine. Rough sponges and steel wool permanently damage silver finish and should be avoided. Regular manual polishing will keep your silver looking bright.

The best flatware silverplated with Italian design

Made completely in Italy and with its long tradition of excellence, Sambonet’s sterling silver, silver plated and stainless steel sets are some of the most sought after flatware sets in today’s luxury sector. Adding to its reputation, Sambonet has received numerous awards and immortal recognition with certain design pieces featured at the MoMA in New York. At any fine dining experience, the hotel silver flatware is likely to be Sambonet. On private planes and well-maintained European countryside villas, a silver plated flatware set is sure to be found. Sambonet offers that extra touch of finery and elegance to an already luxurious lifestyle. Italy has already solidified its reputation as being a leader in luxury fashion, with brands that stand out internationally, providing not only style but the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. Sambonet is solidifying the Italian reputation in the flatware and kitchenware sector, emerging as one of the leading luxury brands worldwide. Sambonet is synonymous for elegance, quality and class.