Specialty Cutlery

Specialty cutlery with class

It is not only important to have the proper utensils alongside your dinner plate to accompany your meal, but it is vital to have the right tools for serving and handling what you present, be it a tiered cake to a succulent roast. Sambonet is proud to present a vast array of specialty cutlery, made with the finest quality materials, to both embellish and facilitate the serving experience. Each cutlery set has a unique form to match the flatware set of the same name. Whether it is the Rome silverplated carving knife or the Living stainless steel spaghetti serving fork, each piece fits in wonderfully with the forks, spoons and knives of the different collections. Uniformity and elegance to the extreme. Each piece of cutlery serves a specific purpose and comes either in a silver cutlery version or can be found as a stainless steel cutlery set. With each piece of cutlery, Sambonet reminds us over and over again of the timelessness and high quality that has been brought to the luxury sector over the past years.

Specialty cutlery knives with a specific purpose

Sambonet’s cutlery knives vary from the steak knives and those from the flatware collections in that there are an abundance of different available knives, each to serve a various purpose. All pieces are of the highest class, made entirely in Italy and with top notch quality and design. Carving knives come in both stainless steel and silverplated versions and are excellent for slicing, carving and serving roasts, turkeys and other meats. The two available cake knives are a must have to add to your kitchen cutlery. Whether the preference is silverplated or stainless steel, the serrated edge, sturdy handle and comfortable length make slicing into that chiffon cake or three tiered chocolate masterpiece an elegant show in itself.

While carving knives are in abundance and cake knives are a toss up between two excellent choices, one of the gems coming from the stainless steel cutlery set offerings is the 4-piece cheese knife set. Each knife has a different blade to satisfy all your cheese cutting needs. Got a hard block of parmesan? Use the short spade wedge knife. A firm gruyere or cheddar? How about using the fork-tipped spear knife, not only ideal for cutting but also for serving. Is there a soft camembert to spread onto crackers? Use the basic soft cheese knife with a regular shaped blade. Serving up a hard cheese that’s difficult to cut through? The narrow blade knife can handle that! Quite a special addition to your kitchen cutlery set.

Monoportion specialty cutlery - a visual and sensory delight

Why should sweet single-portion cakes or shepherd’s pies be eaten with regular sized cutlery when they can be accompanied by a perfect 3 to 4 inch monoportion fork or spoon? Small and easy to handle, these little cutlery treasures are a fun way to fully enjoy the individual culinary deliciousness you have in front of you. All made of stainless steel, the forms of the handle have a unique curvature that keep the flatware propped up on the table in the most charming manner. This is a stainless steel cutlery set that is perfect also for food samplings and appetizers.