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How to set a perfect Christmas table

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year and make it even more special with our suggestions and ideas for your festive gifts and mise-en-place!


How to set a perfect Christmas table

Get a trendy mise en place

How to set a Christmas table

Setting the Holiday Table is a ritual that has been handed down for generations. A moment of joy to share with family or friends. There are many styles to choose from, from classic to modern. Get inspired by Sambonet!
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Place the flatware properly

How to pose flatware by etiquette

orks should be placed to the left of the plate, while knives to the right, with the blade facing inwards. Position the spoon on the right of the knife. Dessert cutlery should be placed above the serving cutlery. The cutlery will be changed between courses. For the holidays, choose cutlery that lights up your table!
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Choose creative and designer items

How to decorate a Christmas table

The centrepiece is the main focus of every dining table. Not only a decorative element that completes the setting, but also an object that expresses the style and personality of the host. A centrepiece with candles and flowers, or a simple and charming designer stand with seasonal fruit.
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Gift ideas by price

Find the perfect Christmas gift

We have selected for you the perfect products to impress without loosing sight of the budget. Our sets of coffee spoons and dessert forks combine the useful with the delighful. Choose your gift, starting from €50

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Set the Christmas table with style and love

Flatware and decorative objects become protagonists for lunches and dinners in company and perfect gift ideas to impress your guests!

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Stainless Steel Mirror Steel


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 3 Colors Ø 4 1/4 inch - h 5 inch

Find your style for the festive table
Get carried away by the festive atmosphere.

Stainless Steel Mirror PVD Gold + 3 Colors 2 Sizes

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Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 1 Color 2 Sizes

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Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 1 Color 3 Sizes

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Looking for a gift idea? Party Items is a set of 6 forks, each with a different finial. Ideal for appetisers among friends, tasty desserts and coffee breaks. Each set comes in an elegant package and is perfect as a favour, birthday or anniversary gift.

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